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  • 50% sand savings, even when our herd doubled...
    Ensz Dairy
  • Well worth the investment...
    Gogel Dairy
  • Set'em & forget'em...
    Ritter Farms
  • We save at least 50% of our sand...
    ​Higgins Dairy
  • Up to 80% savings in dry pens...
    ​Larrand Dairy
  • How much simpler can it get?...
    River-Bridge Holsteins
Dairy Cows

Doug Harre

We researched a lot of different mats for our new facility and we decided to go with the Bedding $aver / Planet $aver® Mat because it basically eliminates any stall labor and we can see the longevity in the mat due to its design and durability.

Wilra Dairy | Nashville, IL


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