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  • Anthony Brossard

    We are saving on labor because our stalls now stay level and not dished out. We also have cut our spending on sand by one-half. That’s now a profit back to the farm.

  • Dean Groth

    We like the mats because the bed stays level, our cows can get up and down easier and we see a 50% reduction in our sand expense. It’s nice to see a product that actually pays you back for years to come.

  • Brian Hornbacher

    I ran one 2′ wide strip of mats down the middle of my stall beds because that is where the cows dug holes and the Bedding $aver / Planet $aver Mats have solved that problem.

  • Michael Peters

    We first put the Bedding $aver Mats in our heifer barn, where we now use no bedding on the mats. Our free stall barn is now totally outfitted with the Bedding $aver Mats and we bed with sawdust.

  • Doug Harre

    We researched a lot of different mats for our new facility and we decided to go with the Bedding $aver / Planet $aver® Mat because it basically eliminates any stall labor and we can see the longevity in the mat due to its design and durability.

  • D.J. Ensz

    We doubled our herd size from 250 to 500 cows and use no more sand – 50% sand savings.

  • Dan Gogel

    Seeing my cows all lay down and comfortable is well worth the investment.

  • Brad Ritter

    Once they’re installed, I don’t want to see them again. Set’em & forget’em.

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    Bedding $aver® Mat

    The New Bedding $aver® Mat will cut your sand usage by up to 50%. Less sand in your lagoon/separator equals savings for you. See a payback within 18 months.

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    Made In the USA

    Made in the USA

    Proudly Made In The USA From Reclaimed Rubber

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